How to write M.Phil degree thesis

Thesis may be defines as a long piece of writing on a particular subject, it’s mainly written for higher college or university degree. It will include the result of research done on a particular subject along with specific views; these are written by candidate or student of academic degree.

Students of M.Phil degree are required to submit their thesis before the end of academic period or any prescribed deadline by university.

Before Writing a thesis?

You must consider following factors before writing a thesis.

  • Find a topic

First of all you need to find a topic for doing research and writing on it. You may find the topic from any recent news headline or journal. If you feel that you have any topic of your interest for which you have something new to told that is never told by anyone before than you can also continue with topic.

  • Research

You need to do a lot of research before giving any final views about that topic. You can take the help from literature or you can search over web for more details. There are a lots of free web platform who is especially dedicated for this purpose only. And as you read something catchy or new so just note down that in your notebook.

  • Content of thesis

This is the final step where you need to write what you learned or observed. This is the most important step of thesis writing.

10 Steps of writing a thesis

  1. Presentation of thesis: – thesis should be presented in such a way that it should reflect credit on student, faculty and university.
  2. Organization of thesis: – thesis should include three main parts as preliminary pages, text and references.
  3. Declaration: – thesis should include prior declaration from supervisor and thereafter a declaration by student.
  4. Dedication page: – this must a brief page and should not contain any number, chart or photograph.
  5. Acknowledgement: – students should acknowledge the assistance of various individuals and organization that helped him in producing thesis.
  6. Introduction: – start with the problem and define your topic and its need.
  7. Background:-demonstrate wider appreciation and provide motivation.
  8. Related work: – survey and critical evaluation related to own work and research
  9. Assessment of own work:-state hypothesis and demonstrate your work and research, contribution and comparison with the rival.
  10. List of Abbreviation:Later you should include table of contents, list of tables, list of abbreviation and symbols, list of appendices and text.Text further divided in to sub headings like   with quotation in text and figures in text.
  11. References: Finish your work with by providing references, summary & conclusion and appendix.

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