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How to Write an Admission Essay for your Phd

Essay writing is a very important tool in graduate school. Well, not just essay, but writing becomes a major part in your routine. With practice, writing skill becomes essential in your post academic career right from the application process it can grant you an advantage over fellow applicants, but only if it is practiced correctly.

Enough with the importance of understanding the importance of writing and lets get down to the procedure of writing an admission essay for admission in PhD. The admission essay is done during the application process and most importantly you will be required to submit the essay together with your application details. In this understanding you will need to choose a study area. You will also be required to write a statement of purpose.

When writing the statement of purpose, the applicant can be confused sometimes or maybe led astray and ultimately get it wrong. Remember, the admissions committee has thousands of documents like yours to go through and unless it has some weight and makes sense then you will not be granted your wish. So when writing a statement of purpose here is what you need to know at the back of your mind;

Introduction, my friend, your opening paragraph should command some attention from the great professors handling your work, begin with something that will allow your readers to keep an open mind  that you are the kind of student they want, in fact, you should make them remember your application letter. Let’s give an example, a friend of mine was applying to enter a PhD in nursing and diabetes management in a college and this is the opening paragraph

When I was nine, my grandmother who was then my only guardian after my parents passed from diabetes died from the same monster that killed my parents, I sprang from foster home to another thinking that I could have done something, I choose this study so that I don’t fell helpless anymore. I want to make a difference!

Here, you’ve made known to them that taking this study is your life’s work and dedication that you have, surely they will know who they are dealing with, they will respect you and they will remember you. Make sure you make them understand you.

So, we have learnt that you should start by capturing their attention with a hook, secondly, be brief don’t say too much. Be clear and go straight to the point without beating around the bush. Thirdly be organized in your work. Introduce a little background in your essay, here you have to dig deep and be introspective, truthful and profound. Remember that your statement of purpose should portray you as (1) intelligent; (2) well-prepared academically and personally; (3) be collegial; (4) be able to handle any challenge that comes your way during and after your time at the grad school; (5) be a potential esteemed representative of the grad school during and even in the future career; (6) show that you are passionately interested in the field.

In line with your passion and intelligence be sure to add any other professional skills and publications that you might have had in the past, explain some of the problems you have had in the past, reasons for choosing the specific grad school, some of your personal qualities that may be relevant for the field, some related extra curricular activities that relate to your qualities as an individual. Be sure to use at a minimum of 350 words. But at 500 words the admissions committee will definitely have believed you and ready to say their yes!

Be sure to seek advice from different groups of people in your circle; including friends and your professors. To conclude, your statement of purpose for Phd is the most important document in masters or PhD admission. This is because it says much about you as a person, your achievements and your proudest moments in line with your vision and dreams. Be sure to get them hooked.

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