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How to write a Good Thesis based on Qualitative Study?

After selecting the topic for your thesis you have to decide if it should be based on qualitative,quantitative or mixed approach.It depends on your research topic and your objectives to select the approach.The primary purpose of qualitative research is to provide a conceptual understanding of the reasons and opinions of any subject and topic. It provides deep understanding of the problem.

Here are the few tips as how to write a good thesis:

  • Consider the format and structure of your paper: keeping in view the requirements of the topic and the place of its publications, one has to produce a framework and structure accordingly.
  • Title of the thesis should correspond to the content: the title must reflect the theme of the thesis so that an audience will take more interest.
  • State the research question early and clearly: emphasizing on the single question to show the direction to the readers as to what content will likely to be followed.
  • Conduct the thorough review of earlier research: one ought to check the previous work which has been done by other people to ensure that he is coming up with something new and unique.This is called literature review for your thesis.
  • Present the methods and data:  it is imperative to explain your choice to  justify the method. The collection of data and its mode must be explicitly explained to the readers to help them evaluate.
  • Results:  If  the structure, facts and figures, analysis and method, all are appealing then result presentation is easy to follow.It  also allow the systematic way of working.
  • Discussion: in this step, you relate your findings to earlier research and provide details about possible challenges and contradiction the thesis has with previous works. It also provides recommendations for future work.
  • Abstract: it covers background, aims, data, method and results of the thesis. To sum up, writing abstract at an early stage enable the writer to make text coherent and logical.

You can follow the Guide line for Qualitative papers to have a brief idea on your thesis format.You can ask for expertise help to get your thesis done professionally.

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