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What is a dissertation?

A dissertation or thesis is your final year project in which you take the responsibility of everything you learned and write a literature review on it. You choose your own methods to study and you figure out the outcomes. If the individual follows these steps, he/she can make its dissertation very appealing.

Steps to follow for attractive dissertation

  • Your introduction should be basic as your whole thesis depends on it. It must contain all the information about your area of research. What’s your subject of study is about. Give your ideas to the reader and tell how you’ll solve this problem. Your introduction should be very catchy as you know it is the most basic part of your thesis. You should engage your reader in your introduction and make it more mysterious.
  • Your thesis should be simple, clear and easy to understand. It must contain all the relevant information about the subject you chose. No overused terms should be used in your thesis.
  • Your thesis should be ¬†plagiarism Free as you know that copy paste information from the internet is not the part of your own learning. You should use your own concepts in your thesis, your own methods and your own learning.
  • Your thesis must be compelling and consist of structure which attracts the reader towards itself.
  • Your thesis should not be vague or boring. The reader should have pointed to argue upon as it will look more effective to the other readers as well.


At the end, I want to conclude and recommend all the readers to use these steps to make your dissertation more compelling. These steps are very useful and they can help you to make your thesis or dissertation in a more appropriate way.