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Hiring an academic writer may be ethical or may not be ethical if your intent is just to pass the defense without doing any research.There are different class of though regarding academic writing services.

To hire an Academic Writer or not?

Imagine, living your life according to the basic guidelines of not cheating, working hard or working smart, keeping your goals ahead of you and achieving your aims. And just when you are about to pass the finish line there comes a hurdle, you trip and fall, missing that chance all of a sudden. It feels terrible. Same happens when we work hard but our linguistic and writing skills don’t do justice to our hard work and we are left behind. At this point in time people move towards hiring an academic writer for their final year thesis which is considered to be the backbone of you graduating from any university.

This approach is not permissible in Asia, though it is being practiced openly, through job portals online. It is believed that hiring someone just because you lack skills of writing is allowed and appreciated because one piece of writing cannot do justice to your thoughts. Another school of thought states that hiring an academic writer for your thesis is the appropriate thing to do because of the importance of thesis editing.

Furthermore, it is widely believed that this practice is merely a form of cheating and is not acceptable in most of the universities worldwide, even the emerging Malaysian universities have declared this practice to be of no use as students don’t learn anything and it affects their personal grooming. Instead of overlooking your flaws you should be able to face them directly and have a room for improvement.


Thus, simply categorizing any form of work as challenging doesn’t change the definition of cheating. Such services are making people lazy and reluctant to work ethically, therefore helping to grow an unprepared workforce. In order to achieve success and do justice to your work people should enhance their skills and create a positive self-image.