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How can product reviews help you save money on mobiles?

How can product reviews help you save money on mobiles?

These days, people are buying smart phones as well as a variety of other things on the internet. However, if you’re not able to correctly choose the smartphone, you can end up losing a lot of money. Due to this very reason, it is important for you to understand how to choose the right smartphones.

This is where the reviews of the smartphones would come into the picture.

Many people do not pay a lot of attention to the product reviews thinking that they are not genuine. However, this is not true at all.

We would discuss a few ways in which product reviews can help you in choosing the right kind of smartphone.

1. Checking the battery specifications:
Most of the users would be sharing with you the time period for which the battery would last after buying the smartphone. Instead of just looking at the technical aspects , look at the specifications provided by the manufacturer, you can look at the reviews and you can find out how long the battery would be lasting. Once you’re able to discover this, it becomes easier for you to ensure that you are able to understand whether the battery is perfect for your choice or not.

2. Problems with the smartphone:
Many times, the problems with the smartphone cannot be highlighted in the product listing itself. However, when people are already used to the product, they would be able to share with you the problems which they experience. That is why it would become much easier for you to find out if there is any problem with the product.

In such a case, you can skip that smartphone and you can opt for some other smartphone.

Due to this very reason, the product reviews can ensure that you’re not buying the faulty smartphone.

3. After sales support:
Many of the companies do not provide superior after sales support.

The problem is that the companies are not providing you with the superior after sales support, any problem with the smartphone cannot be sorted easily.

The reviews would also be highlighting this after sales support in order to provide you with a better idea whether the company is providing the proper after sales support or not.

You need to understand that while most of the manufacturers would be providing you with the warranty but you must look into,how product reviews help you save money on mobiles.

That is why it is important to take the product reviews in order to find out whether the companies are honoring the warranty or not. When you’re able to understand this point, thereafter only you can understand how you would be able to choose the right kind of smartphone for your usage.

What to look while hiring a content writer?

What to look while hiring a content writer?

If you’re searching for a content writer for your website, you have to realize that you would be able to find them on the internet quite easily. The problem is that not each and every content writer would be able to write superior quality content. Due to this very reason, you have to opt for a filtering process in order to only pick the best content writers. Once you’re able to do that, instead of wasting your time with the content writers who are not able to write the correct content for you, you would be able to easily choose the best event right from the start which would make it much easier for you to generate the content for your website. 1. Asking for samples: Before hiring the content writer, you have to always ask for samples. When you’re asking for samples from the content writer, it would automatically become much easier for you to find out whether the writing quality of the content writer is good enough or not. Due to this very reason, you have to always ask for samples from the content writer. Once you’re getting the samples from the content writer, automatically it would become easier for you to choose the right one. 2. Revisions: You have to also ask from the content writer about the number of times, they would be willing to provide the revision. Many times, due to the understanding problem or due to a mistake on the writer’s part, there is a mistake in the article itself. This would require proper correction. That is why you have to ask from the writer about the number of revisions which would be included. Once you’re able to ask about the number of revisions which would be included, you can be sure that you would be able to get the article in the format which you want. 3. Turn around time: Many of the good writers are always overloaded with work. In such a case, they might not be able to deliver the articles to you on time. That is why you have to ask from the writers about the turnaround time. When you’re able to ask from the writers about the turn around time,they will have to match it up with the deadline which you have. Once you’re able to do that, that is when you would be able to make a proper decision whether this article writer is perfect for you or not. So, when you’re trying to choose a content writer for your website, you have to keep these few factors in mind and thereafter you have to choose the content writer.

How can content writer help increase your online business?

How can content writer help increase your online business?

Content writer is one who write content as per given industry standards and according to your customers baseline.Many people do not post regular content on their website.Either they don’t have the desired writing skills or they don’t have the time to write a quality content.In either case you need a content writer who can write a great content for your business.

If you’re not posting regular content on your website, it would become very difficult for you to attract newer and newer audience. Even when you’re having a corporate website, you can start a blog in order to post your content on your website. If you think that generating your content is difficult, you can look for an online business content writer and you would be able to easily find one. With the help of the writer, you would be able to easily get the content for your business.

There are some tips of content writing that can help you and your business grow rapidly.

However, before all of this you have to find out how the SEO content writer actually benefits your business.

1. Making the content go viral:
When you’re able to generate good quality content, it would always have the potential to go viral.

In such a case, you can be sure that it would become easier for you to get a lot of visitors.

Once your content goes viral, it becomes easier for you to get a lot of traffic and at least part of the traffic would get converted into customers.

Due to this very reason, you can be sure that it would become easier for you to generate the amount of traffic which you want.

Moreover, with the help of the traffic, you can increase your revenue also.

2. Like-minded audience:
When you’re uploading regular content on your blog, you can be sure that you would be able to get a like-minded audience.

Otherwise, it would become very difficult for you to get the traffic for your corporate website.

With the help of the content, generating regular visitors becomes easier.

You would also get loyal visitors which would come to your blog again and again. This would again, in turn, help you in converting at least some of them into customers.

3. Better search engine rankings:
When you’re hiring a content writer in Pakistan and are consistently posting content on your website, you can be sure that your search engine rankings would also improve. In such a case, you would be able to easily get even more amount of traffic. If your website is static and you are never posting your content, it would become very difficult for you to get the consistent amount of traffic your website. That is why with the help of newer content you would be able to get better search engine rankings which would ultimately result in better traffic also.

So, if you’re looking at the advantages of hiring a content writer, these are the ones which you have to keep in mind.

Is it ethical to hire an academic writer for your final year thesis?

Is it ethical to hire an academic writer for your final year thesis?

Hiring an academic writer may be ethical or may not be ethical if your intent is just to pass the defense without doing any research.There are different class of though regarding academic writing services.

To hire an Academic Writer or not?

Imagine, living your life according to the basic guidelines of not cheating, working hard or working smart, keeping your goals ahead of you and achieving your aims. And just when you are about to pass the finish line there comes a hurdle, you trip and fall, missing that chance all of a sudden. It feels terrible. Same happens when we work hard but our linguistic and writing skills don’t do justice to our hard work and we are left behind. At this point in time people move towards hiring an academic writer for their final year thesis which is considered to be the backbone of you graduating from any university.

This approach is not permissible in Asia, though it is being practiced openly, through job portals online. It is believed that hiring someone just because you lack skills of writing is allowed and appreciated because one piece of writing cannot do justice to your thoughts. Another school of thought states that hiring an academic writer for your thesis is the appropriate thing to do because of the importance of thesis editing.

Furthermore, it is widely believed that this practice is merely a form of cheating and is not acceptable in most of the universities worldwide, even the emerging Malaysian universities have declared this practice to be of no use as students don’t learn anything and it affects their personal grooming. Instead of overlooking your flaws you should be able to face them directly and have a room for improvement.


Thus, simply categorizing any form of work as challenging doesn’t change the definition of cheating. Such services are making people lazy and reluctant to work ethically, therefore helping to grow an unprepared workforce. In order to achieve success and do justice to your work people should enhance their skills and create a positive self-image.

How to Hire and Write a Master’s Thesis

How to Hire and Write a Master’s Thesis

Writing a master’s dissertation is a massive undertaking, which cannot be taken for granted. Every thesis paper you write should have a clear main idea, and should be specific as possible. Writing a thesis is a distinctive experience and there is no general unanimity on what the best way to organize and structure it.

A more common way of writing a good thesis includes Title page, abstract, list of contents, chapters (Chapter 1- Background/introduction, Chapter 2- Literature review, Chapter 3- Aims and objectives, Chapter 4- Methodology, Chapter 5- Data Analysis and results representation, Chapter 6- discussion, Chapter 7- Conclusions and recommendations), Bibliography, References and Appendices supporting research information and material.

To make an excellent thesis extra efforts should be incorporated in every step starting from the topic selection. Spend the maximum suitable time on topic selection and try to select the topic of your interest.  The next important think is master’s question. In Master’s thesis, you must answer the thesis question with conviction and clarity in the written presentation submitted to complete a Master’s degree. A judicious question will also keep research focused, organized, and interesting. The statistics shown should be of original data related to research.

Outline planning should be done very sensibly with focused concern and to the point. Try to write your thesis in the morning after having a proper breakfast or with full comfort of mind. Much focus should be given to abstract as it gives an account of the whole research. Keep in mind the ABC (Accuracy, Brevity and clarity) while writing it. An abstract should concisely include purpose, problems, methodology and conclusion of research. Avoid using references in the abstract.

The best way of improving dissertation is to complete thesis and contact supervisor for corrections in it. Repeating the process several times will give best result.

How to Write a compelling Dissertation Paper

How to Write a compelling Dissertation Paper

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation or thesis is your final year project in which you take the responsibility of everything you learned and write a literature review on it. You choose your own methods to study and you figure out the outcomes. If the individual follows these steps, he/she can make its dissertation very appealing.

Steps to follow for attractive dissertation

  • Your introduction should be basic as your whole thesis depends on it. It must contain all the information about your area of research. What’s your subject of study is about. Give your ideas to the reader and tell how you’ll solve this problem. Your introduction should be very catchy as you know it is the most basic part of your thesis. You should engage your reader in your introduction and make it more mysterious.
  • Your thesis should be simple, clear and easy to understand. It must contain all the relevant information about the subject you chose. No overused terms should be used in your thesis.
  • Your thesis should be  plagiarism Free as you know that copy paste information from the internet is not the part of your own learning. You should use your own concepts in your thesis, your own methods and your own learning.
  • Your thesis must be compelling and consist of structure which attracts the reader towards itself.
  • Your thesis should not be vague or boring. The reader should have pointed to argue upon as it will look more effective to the other readers as well.


At the end, I want to conclude and recommend all the readers to use these steps to make your dissertation more compelling. These steps are very useful and they can help you to make your thesis or dissertation in a more appropriate way.

Tips To Write Good Quality Thesis

Tips To Write Good Quality Thesis

The thesis is the core of our research. Thesis summarizes our learning and knowledge. The thesis is not only important to get a degree but also important to get good jobs. If one is applying fresh, his thesis acts as his job experience. So you give special attention towards a thesis. If you are going to write thesis please read following lines.

Well Planned and Drafted;

          Planning is important most thing in MS and . Well planned and researched thesis will give optimal results. It will save time and efforts. You should draft thesis. A good thesis will definitely pass through numerous drafting sessions. Editing and drafting may be linked. Highlight main section. Think and write proper hierarchy, paragraph and sentences.

Thesis statement:

            The thesis statement is the essence of the thesis. What the thesis is about, what it will include, comprehensive, what to expect is all comprehensive, focused and compact thesis statement. It is actually an intelligent rephrasing of the title. The thesis statement should be present in first two lines of the paragraph. Its should be clear. Lines after thesis should elaborate thesis statement. If thesis statement comprises of two words then they should be properly related.

Proper Format:

The thesis should be in proper format. Usually, the format is

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table content
  4. Figures
  5. Tables
  6. Introductions
  7. Method
  8. Results
  9. Introductions
  10. Conclusions
  11. Recommendations
  12. Acknowledgements
  13. References
  14. Appendices

Pay special attention towards linking of the section and pay more attention towards the format of each section.References and recommendations should be according to the type of audience.

Appropriate use of words

    The pure professional approach should be adopted while writing a thesis. The thesis should use proper words.Words shouldn’t be too technical.On the other hand, it shouldn`t be too childish.Avoid repetition of words. Use conjunction words appropriately. Consider sentences of proper length. Avoid double negative sentences. Explain acronyms at least once.

Length Of The paper:

There is a misconception that lengthy thesis is good then shorter one. In fact, the reality is to write a concise thesis and to avoid lengthy one. Avoid repetition, don`t explain tables unnecessarily. Conclude not summarize. If you think your thesis has an international audience then define everything as much as possible. Avoid idioms, use only when needed badly.


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Content Writers Needed

Content Writers Needed

Writers Needed for Blog posts or Website content mostly related to Technical,business or IT related subjects.Please apply only if you are Expert and available immediately and can write per day 1000 words atleast.To test your skills i can ask you to write 200 to 300 words sample article which will be paid if written well.
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How to write M.Phil degree thesis

How to write M.Phil degree thesis

What is thesis?

Thesis may be defines as a long piece of writing on a particular subject, it’s mainly written for higher college or university degree. It will include the result of research done on a particular subject along with specific views; these are written by candidate or student of academic degree.

Students of M.Phil degree are required to submit their thesis before the end of academic period or any prescribed deadline by university.

Before Writing a thesis?

You must consider following factors before writing a thesis.

  • Find a topic

First of all you need to find a topic for doing research and writing on it. You may find the topic from any recent news headline or journal. If you feel that you have any topic of your interest for which you have something new to told that is never told by anyone before than you can also continue with topic.

  • Research

You need to do a lot of research before giving any final views about that topic. You can take the help from literature or you can search over web for more details. There are a lots of free web platform who is especially dedicated for this purpose only. And as you read something catchy or new so just note down that in your notebook.

  • Content of thesis

This is the final step where you need to write what you learned or observed. This is the most important step of thesis writing.

10 Steps of writing a thesis

  1. Presentation of thesis: – thesis should be presented in such a way that it should reflect credit on student, faculty and university.
  2. Organization of thesis: – thesis should include three main parts as preliminary pages, text and references.
  3. Declaration: – thesis should include prior declaration from supervisor and thereafter a declaration by student.
  4. Dedication page: – this must a brief page and should not contain any number, chart or photograph.
  5. Acknowledgement: – students should acknowledge the assistance of various individuals and organization that helped him in producing thesis.
  6. Introduction: – start with the problem and define your topic and its need.
  7. Background:-demonstrate wider appreciation and provide motivation.
  8. Related work: – survey and critical evaluation related to own work and research
  9. Assessment of own work:-state hypothesis and demonstrate your work and research, contribution and comparison with the rival.
  10. List of Abbreviation:Later you should include table of contents, list of tables, list of abbreviation and symbols, list of appendices and text.Text further divided in to sub headings like   with quotation in text and figures in text.
  11. References:Finish your work with by providing references, summary & conclusion and appendix.

Do You want us to Help you in Your thesis? Contact us and get it done as per your instructions and University rubric.

Why you should hire a thesis writer for your Degree in Pakistan?

Why you should hire a thesis writer for your Degree in Pakistan?

Every academic study involves the writing of thesis, to demonstrate the research work a student has done throughout his academic career. Carrying out research practically in the laboratories proves to be interesting for most of the students, so they do it with ease. However, writing the minute specifics of the research carried out in the form of properly organized manuscript is quite exasperating.

Being a Pakistani student, one would have to face following hitches while writing a thesis himself.

  • A student might be very efficient in understanding the concepts, learning them and then performing practically. But he will face immense complications in linguistics, grammar, vocabulary, spellings and punctuation. Most of the basic learning schools emphasize on learning efficient Urdu as it is our Mother language. So demonstrating his thesis in error free English document is a very problematic task.
  • A student in his professional life has to dedicate himself to a large number of academic happenings related to various subjects. Projects, assignments, viva, examinations and daily learning divert all the critical thinking and focus of a student away from any other possible work.
  • Moreover, if due to financial struggles a student is involved in part-time job, it is totally impossible for him to concentrate on writing an efficient thesis work.

To get rid of all these hurdles in achieving best thesis-based grades, a student can always find online ghost writers. Hiring a thesis writer for your degree can be of great assistance.

  • You need not to worry about plagiarism. The thesis will be 100% unique.
  • You can spend more time focusing on your future career plans.
  • You will be satisfied about the efficacy of the work done in every possible way, like linguistics, quality, quantity and format. The thesis writers are professionally trained.

So what are you worrying about? Get yourself equipped with exemplary thesis work that will enhance your credibility and help you get great scores.